The Five Stages of Grief,
by Angelina Lee

1. after months and weeks and days of love
    i’m in no state to give you up 


2. doesn’t it feel wrong
    to you? you do not fear
    letting go of something untagged,
    you think the number of people
    you will connect with
    is too large to memorize.

    i can’t dump you back, my sister said
    it’s not happening. 


3. after a moment, my mom said
    high school sweethearts are outdated
    no making juliets out of globetrotters.

    i still expect to
    hear from you, in part
    because i like to talk.
    i am only quiet in person.

    my mind turns to sleep,
    making new memories from dreams
    that end more suitably.

4. you are loved on all sides,
    your friends always near
    you never relocated.
    there will never be the need for one
    true love, but it is flattering.

5. what was once real
    can no longer be,
    these truths can live in the same building.

    even butterflies die
    and fail to reproduce

Julia Koh - Half