the average ruby-throated hummingbird weighs less than a nickel,

by Caroline Fuller

apparently, weight gain is a side-effect of the pill

but also of muffins and cream

my belly button purses her lips in mockery when I ask which it is


it is Monday


my closet is a moody teenager

and I am her exasperated mother


my roommate’s makeup is strewn across the dresser like children’s playthings— 

no—I suppose like painters’ palettes


I found three new freckles today

two on my right forearm 

one more on my left shin


I turn to my desk for a pair of tweezers 

(reckless eyebrows)


and notice a hummingbird outside the window.

count one-one-thousand,






before it pulls its nose out of a flower and 

I try to track it through the air 

but 25 percent of its nickel-weight is in its pecs 

and so it speeds away

Julia Koh - The Egg