by Cassie Clark Dutton

yes I left my hand prints all over this place


Whether it was the night we spent 

letting out body’s make imprints 

on the emerald green couch

and on eachother


Or the hundred times after that 

my eyes scoured that time

That spot

the door you held open

the place that heard the words you said


The wind that stole away 

hot air from my open mouth

The stars that watched us run 

like the world was ending


The mailboxes that stood

their stoic stakeout

recording our hand in hand trek

to the dark back seat of an SUV


Swings that groaned against

the centripetal tugging weight 

of young bodies

begging, unwisely

faster! higher! 


Sweaty metallic smelling chains

indented with the strength

and vitality of a grip

from hands that held to them

with all the sadness and joy and trepidation

of their rapidly expanding universes


Afternoons to evenings

stretched like constellations

under the leaves

that would absorb the pink-orange

of the sun that day

along with our raucous laughter

along with the look in your eye

Sarah Hofmann - Into the Light