the flowers on the trees,
by Katherine Heinze

The flowers on the trees 

In springtime

Are so white

I am forced to think of heaven


My mind slips into pondering

Whether this is some

Paradise on earth

Twisted amongst us, right now


There is a bright light

Shining all around

In the cinderblock and in the

Fingers that set them in place


Sometimes, I will admit,

I long to hate the world

To crush it

For all its heartbreak and too-soon sunsets


But even in those devilish moments,

Of fire and rath,

I am filled with a love

That I cannot bring myself to turn away from


So, in the springtime

I will throw open my shutters

Unlatch all my doors

And let love wander through


In its own way

And in its own time

We are all drawn to the love

That sleeps inside us, 


Waiting to be born

Hannah Sy - Winter Evening