where I'm from,
by Zoe Kane

Rain drops rummage through rocks at night

the streets are glazed over 

like soft serve dipped in syrup

Home is made up of drained faces

and tears so salty 

it feels like you’re floating 

and you are

from house to house 

in the grey darkness 

a little buzzed and a little horny 

Searching for a person to kiss

at midnight 

like it’s New Year's Eve 

and it is 

because everyday we start over

most of us grow slowly 

but our roots are sturdy 

because of the rain 

that drives you mad 

and under soft covers

Most memories are wrapped in white sheets

stained with red wine 

and pink paint 

that rubs off on our little legs 

legs scarred and bruised 

but they’ve been that way for years 

we can’t tell anymore 

or we don’t mind 

We are used to the dull pain 

it keeps us alive 

something to focus on 

something to breath into 

using our frozen lungs 

frosted over from months of winter 

or fall or spring or summer 

we can’t tell seasons apart 

Where I’m from 

everything blends together 

Marisa Emoto - The Old Mill